If you are wondering what mold is, we has the answers. Black mold is a greenish-black fungus found worldwide that colonizes particularly well in high-cellulose material like dry wall, carpet, wall paper, fiber-board, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, etc. The fungus (black mold), before drying, is wet and slightly slimy to touch. The toxic mold grows in areas where the relative humidity is above 55%. This type of fungus does not grow on plastic, vinyl, concrete products, or ceramic tiles. It is not found in the green mold on bread or the black mold on the shower tiles. The toxic mold environmental risk may be one of the next major real estate “due diligence” concerns, especially in property development areas where major flooding has occurred.

If you’ve experienced a flood and you’re still unsure as to what mold is, you need us to evaluate and determine if you need mold removal. Molds wreak havoc on your immune system and can lead to serious illnesses. If you think you might have molds in your home, inhaling or touching toxic mold may cause health problems. We are trained professionals, equipped to remove molds from your home for a safer and healthier existence.

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