Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Water damage can cause permanent structural damage to your mobile home and erode its strength. Water damage from poor or infrequent maintenance, neglect or general deterioration usually isn’t covered by insurance.  So, it’s a good idea to prevent messy and costly damage by properly maintaining your home.

Start with your roof

Corrosion or deterioration and improper installation of vents, chimneys, flues, air conditioners, evaporative coolers, or condensers can all result in roof leaks. Your best option is to stop potentially damaging leaks before they start. Here are some precautions you can take:

Check your home’s exterior (outside)

Outside walls, doors and windows need to be inspected each spring and fall for unusual wear or tear.

Eliminate excess moisture

Moisture and condensation can be a problem even in today’s well-built and insulated mobile homes. Increased insulation, upgraded weather stripping, and vapor barriers in walls and ceilings improve your home’s warmth and comfort. However, they can also result in excess moisture and condensation being trapped inside your home, especially if you have inadequate ventilation.

This unwanted moisture shows up as:

Good preventive maintenance can help eliminate many moisture problems:

Take a Look Inside

Find the problem first. Listen for any unusual hissing sounds. This could mean there’s a pinhole leak in a water line within the floor or wall.

Follow these tips in an emergency

In case you experience severe, sudden and accidental water damage to your mobile home, take the following precautions until help arrives:

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